Weekend Fitness Update 10/16-10/19

I’ve been so busy the past few days! Let me go over a quick view of what’s been going on. (No pictures this time, so I guess it will be shorter.)

Thursday I ran my usual two miles. And most of the day was pretty great, from what I can remember. I can’t often remember my days very well lately, they kind of blur together. But Thursday night I remember being pretty bad. I was talking with an old friend and some issues about my past kind of resurfaced themselves and before I knew it I was sobbing alone in my room. My boyfriend had to come over and calm me down. 

Friday was a little better. I decided I didn’t want to be upset anymore and busied myself with things. I organized my bookshelf, dusted my room, cleaned up downstairs, painted my nails and watched some tv (something I don’t often do anymore.) I did manage to get in quite a good ab workout once the sun started to go down. (I’ve been doing the 30 day ab challenge!) Then my boyfriend came over right when I was going to go for a run, and he attempted to walk next to me while I jogged, but couldn’t quite keep up, so he said he’d meet me at home. He had a towel and some water ready for me when I got there, though. So that was really nice. :) I don’t blame him for not keeping up, he was definitely not wearing the right shoes. Plus he was wearing jeans for goodness sake! He stayed over that night and it was very pleasant to have a warm body in bed next to me. <3

Saturday I did not run at all because we woke up at about 6:45 to go to LA for a Magic The Gathering competition that Wes and our friend Dom were competing in. It lasted till about 10:40 at night… Good thing I brought two books, my iphone, and its charger with me! Plus one of our other friends, Taylor came with and sat with me the whole time (when we weren’t cheering on Wes and Dom, that is.) We had some pleasant conversation, and he taught me the basics of playing magic! (He also kept a few creeps at bay.) I honestly was kind of bored during their matches, but wes really wanted me to come cheer him on, so I did. And I don’t regret going. I got to see him get all excited and hang out and get to know Taylor a little better. :) Afterwards we went to Korean BBQ, too so that was awesome! <3

Sunday (Today) I woke up relatively early. But I had an awful stomach ache (probably from not eating very well on Saturday after eating mostly healthy for the past two weeks.) Since I didn’t feel all that great, I wanted to take some “me” time today. But that didn’t really happen. I had planned on dying my hair and taking myself to the park to feed the ducks. But my twin sister ended up visiting (not that I’m complaining, I missed her!) and we spent most of the afternoon talking and watching tv together. The whole family went out to dinner tonight at an expensive steak restaurant, so I splurged a little and also shared a brownie-sunday with my sister and my roommate/Japanese exchange student. 

I honestly feel so strange not having run the past two days.. But I’m going to go tomorrow for sure. I subscribed myself to two running/fitness magazines today for a whole year. I’ve never had a magazine subscription before and I’m excited to have something to look forward to every month. :) I’ve also decided to join my local Planet Fitness so I have somewhere to run when the weather gets cooler and rainy. Also, it eliminates the danger of me running at nighttime! So this way I will have more time to run and my schedule can be more flexible. I’ll be able to get in workouts much easier!

My mom has kinda been making fun of me for working out and jogging. I’m not sure why but she’s being very condescending about it and it was getting me down today. But I’m going to try not to let it make me sad. I think I’ll have a good day at the gym tomorrow!